Kutzmann & Associates, Inc.
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Kutzmann & Associates, Inc.

We provide plan review and inspection services to city and county building departments to assist them in their application and enforcement of State and local building codes, regulations and ordinances.  Also, where approved by the local jurisdictions, we can provide these services on a 3rd party basis directly to permit applicants.

Founded in 1989, Kutzmann & Associates. Inc. reviews hundreds of projects annually with an excellent record of completing projects on time.  The staff at KA has a combined total of more than a century of experience in plan review and inspections.  Since our inception we have plan checked over 20,000 projects in 43 different jurisdictions.


The primary difference between Kutzmann & Associates and other plan review firms is quality.  We monitor the work to make sure that we are thorough, consistent and fair.  Our clients consistently say that there are fewer problems in the field when KA does the plan check.


The projects we have reviewed range from residential additions to high rises.  They include single family dwellings, apartment buildings, condominiums, residential additions, a Jewish Community Center, licensed medical clinics, multi-story mixed use retail and residential projects, multi-story office buildings, churches with various accessory uses, retail stores in shopping malls, hardware stores, motels, historical URM buildings and headquarters for Sun Microsystems, Visa, Silicon Graphics and the Facebook West Campus project.


All staff members are required to receive ongoing training in their chosen areas of expertise, to stay current with code updates and industry practices.  We also attend annual ICC and CALBO conferences and code change hearings to keep up with the new code changes and specialized educational offerings.


Starting April 1, 2010 we began offering CASp services to jurisdictional clients needing to comply with the July 1, 2010 deadline established by SB 1608.

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